Canela Fina



This show recalls the journey and destiny of "Macunaïma" and his two brothers, imaginaries characters by Mario De Andrade.   An Indian, black at his birth, who becomes white. It follows a whole journey of hero of popular story, to come back then to its natal forest and will be transformed as like the others characters of this novel, into constellation. 

" They are going to succeed in touching the stars "....

To talk about this these "Macounaimes" we being inspiring by the children who live on the street. 

A poem of surprise which comes into sight from combining different techniques  (rope act, chinese pole,  puppets and dance).

The scenery participates of this poetic show, where personages, puppets and props are transformed by the thought and imagination.

(« Canela Fina delighted numerous public who come to see a show blending poem and acrobatic prowess ») Le Festival de Strasbourg 2007

Conception: Solange Lima and Alexandre Haffner
Performer: Solange Lima and Alexandre Haffner

Cie Les Farfadais

La villa Mai d’ci
Compagnie Les Farfadais
Instituto Sacatar
Théâtre de la Commune (Centre Dramatique National D’Aubervilliers)




  • 30e Festival du Livre - 6, & 8 Octobre


  • De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper (La Ville Ailée Ypres) Belgique  -  04 et 05 de Avril


  • Festival Cultuurcentrum Ter Vesten (Belgium)  -  29 August
  • Festival De Kleinste Steeple in Waregem(Belgium)  -  30 August
  • Festival Baule dair (45130 Baule)  -  18 Mai
  • Festival Les Monts de Balle (42600 Verrires en Forez)  -  10, 11 & 12 Mai


  • Festival Aurillac  - 22, 23, 24 & 25 August
  • Le Festival de Strasbourg  - 16 & 17 August 

Creation in 2006

  • Fete de La Humanité - 16 Septembre