Solange was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She made her debut performance at the age of six with her father. He become her greatest artistic influence. She enters in 1988 in Teatro Macunaima in Brazil.

Solange arrived in Europe in the early 1990's and studied theatre and mime at the Morley college (dramatic art) in London from 1991 to 1994. In 1997 she graduated with Honors from The BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts (Circus) at The Circus Space (London). She also follows, a formation with Mamadou Diome (Peter Brook) in France. And in 1998, she was invited to enters at the CNAC in Chalons-en-Champagne, pour an improvement course. In 2007 she creates the show « Canela Fina ».

From 2009 to 2014 also she organizes a cultural festival on the island of Itaparica, in the region of Bahia: the FESTIT.

Always into the investigation, into her deepening, her feelings with the artistic work, on the stage, behind the scene (in the case of the organization of FESTIT).

Solange Lima has participated in numerous collective creations in contemporary circus, dance, music, opera and theater. She has worked with:

-2018-2019 Cie Curupira « Dans la Cabane » Porteuse du projet et interprète
-KDC Theatre Company
-Scarabeus Theatre Company
-le Cirque Romanes
-la Cie Volte-Face
-Teatro Del Silencio
-Universoul Circus
-le Cirque Baroque
-Les Farfadais-
-Cie Kalïedo
-Compagnie Nö
-Les escargots Ailles.

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