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Her new corde lisse act “Hopi”, is 30 feet up in the air, she attempts to portray the lack of communication that alienates people in their everyday tasks, between people with their own inner spirit. The music for this piece is by Wimme – The Sami, or Lapps, live in Norway, Finland and Sweden, creating a mystic, lively and exciting environment. Solange is aiming to integrate the public and the space into the show. The duration of this act is 8-10 mins.

The event location must be equipped with a bar, beam, ring or other anchorage point capable of supporting a load of at least 250 Kg.

The ideal height of the rigging point is between 8 and 10 meters, the minimum height is 6 meters. Surface of 4 meters in diameter.

"At each knot along her rope, strolling the artist into the searching to her history, through a combination of sliding, climbing, dropping, dancing, she travels through figures of high technicality and sheer strength to the interpretation of the personage".